Phion, Orkest van Gelderland & Overijssel

nation United Kingdom
position 2./1. Assistant Concertmaster 80% (1)
instrument vln
contract type Permanent
closing date Sun 07 November 2021
audition date Tue 14 December 2021

The vacancy is for the position of 2nd concertmaster in Enschede. As 2nd concertmaster you will play on the 2nd chair, but you will lead the orchestra as 1st concertmaster in selected programs as well. 

mandatory pieces

1st round: Mozart 4 or 5: 1st movement with cadenza
2nd round: Brahms/Sibelius/Tchaikovsky/Beethoven/Mendelssohn/Bruch: 1st movement with cadenza

orchestral excerpts

Orchestra fragments 1st round
Tutti fragments:
W.A. Mozart – Symphony no. 39 (2 fragments)
J.Brahms – Symphony no. 1 (2 fragments)
R. Strauss – Don Juan

J.S. Bach – Matthäus Passion, Gebt Mir
N. Rimsky-Korsakov – Sheherazade, solo beginning of 1st movement

Orchestra fragments 2nd round
Tutti fragments:
Beethoven - Symphony no. 9, slow movement
G. Mahler – Symphony nr. 3, 2nd movement, figures   14-18 including solo
R. Schumann – Symphony no. 2, Scherzo
M. Ravel – La Valse
S. Prokofjev – Symphony no. 1, 1st movement, figures 1-12

J. Bach – Matthäus Passion, Erbarme Dich
J. Brahms – Symphony no. 1
R. Strauss – Ein Heldenleben
N. Rimsky-Korsakov - Sheherazade, solos beginning of 2nd and 4th movements
D. Sjostakovitsj – Symphony no. 5, both solos
M. Ravel – Ma mère l’oye


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