Vratsa Symphony

nation Bulgaria
city Vratsa
position Double bass player
instrument cb
contract type Temporary

Vratsa symphony in Bulgaria (EU) is expanding its orchestral capacity.
Double bass - two positions.

Please provide unedited video recording performing:
1. Solo piece of your choice. Length of video 2 – 5 min.
2. Two or three orchestral excerpts of your choice from the standard set for auditions.
Online video links (ex. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) as well as downloadable files are acceptable.

Ongoing application until all positions are occupied.
Duration / Start: By arrangement

All candidates will be answered.

Contract includes:
• Salary (above regional average)
• Accommodation
• Instrument maintenance (if applicable)
• Full medical benefits
• 42 days annual paid vacation divided in two parts used together with the whole orchestra.

Audition is international. Vratsa philharmonic provides assistance with working permits.

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