Franz Schubert and Modern Music

nation Austria
city Graz
period Sat 05 February 2022 - Mon 14 February 2022
closing date Tue 12 October 2021

Future-oriented and with the aim of preparing competitors for their professional future, the competition is looking for creative, imaginative and curious personalities, who are able to perform at the highest level and to reach and touch their listeners in many different ways through their ensemble playing in chamber music.

The competition will take place in February, 2022 in the categories Duo for Voice and Piano (Lied) as well as Trio for Piano, Violin and Violoncello.
The most characteristic element of this international competition is the link it creates between well-known repertoire and contemporary music. Contemporary music is not seen as garnish, but as a challenge that demands serious work and reflection. In both categories, the expansion of chamber music repertoire is actively pursued through composition competitions. In addition to the self-chosen repertoire, participants will add compulsory pieces to their program.


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