William Atwood

Since 1983, William Atwood has combined an appreciation for classic violins and violas with his training as an Experimental High Energy Particle Physicist. Working in his dedicated shop in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California, Bill has produced more than 50 violins and violas now in the hands of San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area musicians.

He has authored several articles and given many lectures on the physics of violins -- how and why they sound as they do.

In collaboration with Tom Croen of Walnut Creek, a synthesis of traditional expertise and modern understanding of violins is evolving.

Mission Statement:
- To make the best possible violins and violas in the classic Italian tradition, utilizing modern acoustical science.
- To provide players with a knowledgeable and comfortable setting in which to explore and develop the sound potential of their instruments.
- To participate in and contribute to the contemporary violin making community through articles, workshops, and conferences.


Santa Cruz (CA) - US