Arts Unite - Art Unites, Goodmesh Online Concours

nación Países Bajos
ciudad Online
período jue 01 octubre 2020 - jue 31 diciembre 2020
fecha fin de plazo jue 01 octubre 2020

The purpose of the competition is to encourage collaboration between musicians and artists of different art forms.

OVER 20.000€ IN PRIZES, incl. album recording with world-wide digital distribution to all major platforms, live concerts, cash prizes and many more.

We are on the search of selecting high-quality musicians making meaningful collaborations, stories, and concepts that promote the joy of uniting different art forms as well as society in general.

You can learn more about the amazing prizes and opportunities that come with being a part of this, as well the competition itself at

Deadline for the online application form is Oct 1st.


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