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Analysis Workshop for Piano/Instrumental Instructors [ONLINE]

nación Finlandia
ciudad Online
instrumento vln,vla,vlc,cb
período jue 10 diciembre 2020 - sáb 12 diciembre 2020
fecha fin de plazo dom 22 noviembre 2020


The Instrumental Music Education & Research Laboratory (IMER) at European University Cyprus, in collaboration with (Helsinki), is inviting applications to a two-session introductory workshop on Schenkerian Analysis, to take place in December 2020.

This informal workshop is addressed to musicians with limited or no experience in the subject. Instrumental instructors and ensemble players are especially encouraged to apply.

Instructor: Yannis Rammos, PhD

Close-reading simple classical scores, the participants will learn how to apply principles of Schenkerian Analysis which address persistent challenges of studio-based instrumental pedagogy and collaborative performance:

- reinforce long-range hearing across bar lines & phrase boundaries;
- clearly explain problems of tonal tension in performance ("dead spots");
- reveal score features, whose awareness helps assure a convincing performance.


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