Cursos & Masterclass

Forum Musikae - International Summer Academy of Music

nación España
ciudad Madrid
instrumento vln,vla,vlc,cb
período lun 03 julio 2023 - sáb 22 julio 2023
fecha fin de plazo mar 25 julio 2023
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Forum Musikae and Nebrija University are committed to obtaining the best technical, interpretative and personal results from the students who participate in this event.

Enjoy your best Masterclass event of the summer with more of 400 students and 120 professors from all instrumental specialties and from the most prestigious centres, universities and conservatories in Europe and the USA.

The summer music courses at the International Academy are carried out with a deep dedication, an intense work in teaching the most promising and brilliant students of the current national and international music scene.

An exceptional academic, administrative and organisational team will be at your service with all their enthusiasm throughout the whole of the FMK – Nebrija summer courses.

Welcome to the FMK – Nebrija 2023 International Summer Music Academy.

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