Apostol Kaloferov

12 sept. 1944

Apostol Kaloferov was born on September 12, 1944 in Bulgaria. He chose the violin making profession by tradition. Apostol Kaloferov studied woodcarving at the Art Academy in Sofia. He took his first lessons in violin making from his father and later specialized in France under the supervision of the world known master Jean Bauer. Apostol Kaloferov has participated in many national exhibitions. His works are owned by different art institutions. The string instruments made by Apostol Kaloferov appeal to great musicians in France, England, Germany, Austria, Japan and the USA. He is also a world known restorer of antique instruments. Since 1986 Apostol Kaloferov has been President of the Association of Bulgarian Violin Makers.


Kraishte St, bl. 16B - 1408 - Sofia - BG