2021 American Classical Young Musician Award

nazione Stati Uniti
città Washington D.C
periodo ven 16 luglio 2021 - mar 10 agosto 2021
scadenza iscrizione mar 10 agosto 2021

The 2021 American Classical Young Musician Award is an international music competition in which we open to all instruments, voice, and chamber ensembles.
American Classical Young Musician Award wants to encourage young musicians to perform and grow. We believe that our competition can offer many benefits to our participants and help to build their confidence and realize their dreams.
The aim of our prizes is to find performers with a strong artistic personality and stage presence.
The emphasis is therefore not on the purely technical aspect of the performance, but also on the artistic charisma of the performer.
Golden Award: $700 cash ward+Certificate and 999 Gold Commemorative Plated Medal + Teacher Certificate.
Silver award: Certificate and Silver Commemorative plated Medal+ teacher certificate.
Bronze award: Certificate and Rose Gold Commemorative plated Medal + teacher certificate.
Honorable Mention : Official Certificate +Commemorative plated Medal Medal.

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