Sempre Musick 2023 International Composition Competition

nação Estados Unidos
cidade Andover
período Qui 10 agosto 2023 - Ter 10 outubro 2023
inscrição encerrada Ter 10 outubro 2023
instrumento vln,vla,vlc,cb

Composition may be in any style and approximately 5 minutes in duration or less.
An original solo work for any instrument.
An original solo work for any instrument (including voice), with accompaniment, including piano, small string or wind ensemble of up to 5 players.
A chamber work for 2 to 5 players.
Standard sheet music format.
Submissions in Sibelius or Finale are preferred, but not mandatory. A PDF printout of the composition should accompany the Sibelius or Finale files.
PDFs of clean and legible manuscripts without digital versions will also be accepted.
Application and submission deadline: October 10.
$25 per submission.
Cash prize(s) of up to $300 will be awarded for outstandi
One or more selected winners will have their work performed with the Sempre Musick Orchestra or by a Sempre Musick musician in the fall 2023 – summer 2024 season (additional performance fee will apply).

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