Cursos & Masterclass

Sampo Academy 2023

nação França
cidade Auch
instrumento vln,vla,vlc,cb
período Qua 26 julho 2023 - Dom 30 julho 2023
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The Sampo academy is aimed at musicians who wish to transcend the sound boundaries of their instrument with the Sampo. It offers a chance to discover the Sampo during five days of intensive training, to transform one's instrument into an augmented one, and to introduce oneself to mixed music.

Participants will acquire (better) knowledge of mixed music and augmented instruments, of the specificities of performing mixed music and of different kinds of works.
The participants will be able to play mixed music in complete autonomy.

The Sampo is an extension whose purpose is to widen the sound field of an acoustic instrument in any place and in complete autonomy. Working with the Sampo does not require any previous experience in the field of electroacoustic or mixed music.


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