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Austria Austria
„soloist“ offers highly advanced students up to the age of 28 the opportunity to perform in concert as a soloist with a professional European symphony orchestra.
It will be the 12th edition of the comp...
periodo29 nov 19 - 31 gen 20
scadenza iscrizione31 gen 20
inserita il 31 dic 19

Francia Francia
Concours de Musiques d'Ensemble
Concours de Musiques d'Ensemble "organisé par la Fédération nationale des associations de parents d'élèves de conservatoires (FNAPEC).
Ouvert à tous les genres musicaux (classique, contemporain, jazz...
periodo06 apr 20 - 08 apr 20
scadenza iscrizione15 mar 20
inserita il 31 dic 19

Stati Uniti Stati Uniti
Young Artist Competition
The Philharmonic Society of Arlington proudly sponsors the Young Artist Competition for instrumental and vocal musicians under 30 years of age. Our purposes are to identify, encourage, and provide exp...
periodo15 feb 20 - 02 mag 20
scadenza iscrizione21 mar 20
inserita il 31 dic 19

Svizzera Svizzera
Geneva International Music Competition - Cello 2020
The 75th Geneva International Music Competition will be presenting Cello and will be held from 23 October - 5 November 2020. It is open to all cellists born after 5 November 1990. Application deadline...
periodo23 ott 20 - 05 nov 20
scadenza iscrizione30 apr 20
inserita il 19 dic 19

Austria Austria
The 2nd Vienna International music Competition
The Vienna International Music Competition (VIMC) for Solo Instruments, Voice and Chamber Music offers young artists from all over the world the possibility to present their talent in the heart of Vie...
periodo13 lug 20 - 17 lug 20
scadenza iscrizione31 mag 20
inserita il 20 nov 19

Francia Francia
Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship
The Fondation des Etats-Unis is currently accepting applications for its annual Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarship.
Eligible candidates are graduate and post-graduate musicians (composition, vocal and in...
periodo30 nov 19 - 31 gen 20
scadenza iscrizione31 gen 20
inserita il 20 nov 19

Francia Francia
Zodiac International Music Competition
Video Submission (No Travel Required)
The 2nd Zodiac International Music Competition aims to discover exceptional musical talent, both in performance and composition,...
periodo04 nov 19 - 15 mar 20
scadenza iscrizione15 mar 20
inserita il 20 nov 19

Repubblica Ceca Repubblica Ceca
Gustav Mahler Prize Cello Competition
Competition is open to young cellists of all nationalities, 10 age categories.
The mission and goal of the competition is to deepen the interest and motivation of young talented violoncellists to inter...
periodo08 feb 20 - 15 dic 19
inserita il 20 nov 19

Italia Italia
8th International Music Competition
The 8th International Musical Competition “Città di Palmanova” takes place from May 11th to 17th, 2020 in Palmanova (Udine, Italy) and is for young musicians up to 24 years from Italy and other countr...
periodo11 mag 20 - 17 mag 20
scadenza iscrizione06 apr 20
inserita il 15 nov 19

Spagna Spagna
28th World Music Competition
28th World Music Competition
APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN for the 28th World Music Competition. We offer both Online and Live Auditions all around the World (Europe, North and South America, China).
periodo01 lug 20 - 31 lug 20
inserita il 10 set 19

Germania Germania
International Anton Rubinstein Competition 2020 - VIOLONCELLO
The International Anton Rubinstein Competition 2020 - VIOLONCELLO will take place on 27th and 28th March 2020 at the International Music Academy Anton Rubinstein in Dusseldorf/ Germany.
Cellist of all...
periodo27 mar 20 - 28 mar 20
inserita il 16 lug 19

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