Theater Augsburg / Augsburger Philharmoniker

nação Alemanha
cidade Augsburg
posição Viola (1)
instrumento vla
tipo de contrato Academy
duração September 1, 2024 to August 31, 2026
inscrição encerrada Dom 09 junho 2024
data da audição Sex 05 julho 2024

The newly founded Paul-Ben-Haim Orchestra Academy at Augsburg State Theatre will start in the 2024/25 season.
The Orchestra Academy is aimed at students and young musicians up to two years after graduation if they are not yet employed by an orchestra. Over a period of 24 months, academy students can gain valuable practical experience with the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra.
The academy covers the following areas:
- Participation in symphony concerts, music theatre, ballet and drama productions
- Chamber music, new music and digital projects & music education formats
- Instrumental lessons with members of the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra
- Coaching, audition and performance training
- Workshops on physical and mental health
- Whole body and mental training
The Akademist:innen receive a monthly salary of €900 plus a job ticket subsidy.
More information at:
Please note that no travel and accommodation costs can be covered for participation in the audition.

peças obrigatórias

Classical concerto (Stamitz or Hoffmeister): 1st movement with cadenza and 2nd movement

trechos orquestrais

Bruckner: Symphony No. 4, 2nd movement
Mozart: Magic Flute Overture
Strauss: Don Juan


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