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Suíça Suíça
Tibor Junior International Violin Competition
The Tibor Junior International Violin Competition, Switzerland, is open to all violinists, irrespective of gender or nationality, born between 31 August 2002 and 1 April 2007 (from 14 to 18 years).
período05 Abr 21 - 10 Abr 21
inscrição encerrada15 Dez 20
inserido o 15 Set 20

Itália Itália
32° Violin Competition Città di Vittorio Veneto Premio Internazionale Prosecco DOC
The city of Vittorio Veneto has decided to resume organizing the Vittorio Veneto Violin Competition, after a few years in which it did not take place.
This is going to be the 32nd edition and for the...
período01 Dez 20 - 06 Dez 20
inscrição encerrada20 Out 20
inserido o 14 Jul 20

França França
International String Competition
The competition invites young violinists and cellists from 5 to 28 years old to participate in one or several categories: soloist, duet (violin and piano) and violin or cello ensemble.
Famous musiciens...
período26 Out 20 - 02 Nov 20
inscrição encerrada05 Out 20
inserido o 10 Mar 20

Áustria Áustria
“VIENNA NEW YEAR’S CONCERT” International Music Competition
“VIENNA NEW YEAR’S CONCERT” International Music Competition
DEADLINE: 15th October, 2020
Results will announce: 15th November, 2020
período10 Fev 20 - 15 Out 20
inscrição encerrada30 Out 20
inserido o 10 Fev 20

Cingapura Cingapura
Singapore International Violin Competition
The Singapore International Violin Competition provides a platform for emerging violinists to perform in Singapore’s world-class performing venues before an esteemed jury panel and a global audience.
período17 Jan 21 - 29 Jan 21
inserido o 20 Nov 19

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