Beethoven Young Musician Competition 2023

nação Áustria
cidade Vienna - online
período Sex 12 maio 2023 - Qui 15 junho 2023
inscrição encerrada Qui 15 junho 2023
instrumento vln,vla,vlc,cb

Dear Friend,
It is a great pleasure for us to present you the classical music competition "'Beethoven Young Musician Competition''.
The 2023 edition is open to musicians under 40 years from all over the world, and in the categories of Piano, Strings, Voice, Woodwinds, Piano 4 hands & Chamber Music.
The deadline for applications is 15th June 2023.

Please take a look at our website or social networks and feel free to share. We hope you feel as passionate about this Classical Music Competition as we do.

Jury Panel 2023
· Ronald Van Spaendonck (Brussels Royal Conservatory)
· Chelsea Whitaker (Eastman School of Music)
· Olga Pashchenko (Conservatorium van Amsterdam)
· Kuan Cheng Lu (New York Philharmonic)
· Rebecca Jo Loeb (Berlin Opera Academy)
· Paul Cortese ( Liceu Conservatory Barcelona)
· Hee Young Lim (Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing)


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