2024 Radda Rise International String Competition

nação Estados Unidos
cidade Online & International (Based in Dallas)
período Qua 08 maio 2024 - Sáb 31 agosto 2024
inscrição encerrada Sáb 31 agosto 2024
instrumento vln,vla,vlc,cb

The 2024 Radda Rise International String Competition is dedicated to fostering the musical growth of rising musicians through unique educational opportunities.
In addition to +$12,000 in prizes, we’re passionate about creating a valuable experience through which all applicants can further their musical careers.

Eligibility: violinists, violists, cellists, and double bassists of all nationalities - 34 years old and under

Categories: 4 different age categories with violin/viola and cello/bass subdivisions

Repertoire: 2 contrasting solo works recorded within the past year (accompanied or unaccompanied)

Features for all applicants: pre-judging video Radda Review, optional resubmission for judging round, custom biography/revisions (English), private mentorship session with competition director, video comments from each juror, discounted websites/Radda Reviews after the competition

Prizes: Over $12,000 in cash prizes, custom websites, juror mentorship offers, and unlimited director mentorship

Jurors: Elizabeth Faidley (Manhattan School of Music Faculty), Pala Garcia (The Juilliard School and Hunter College Faculties), and Laszlo Mezo (Pacific Symphony Orchestra & Active Studio Musician in Hollywood)

Full Guidelines and Details:

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