Morgan Andersen

For over thirty years, it has been Morgan's goal to create bows of the highest quality for violin, viola and cello. It requires him to seek out the best materials, refine methods and continually strive to increase his knowledge of this fascinating profession.

Every piece of a Morgan Andersen bow is crafted entirely from raw materials, using tools and methods that vary only slightly from techniques used in the 19th century. This allows the hand of the maker - the true signature - to be present in the finished work.

Making pernambuco bow with 19th century tool Carving pernambuco bow tip
A fine bow makes an incredible difference in the ability of the instrument to speak, and greatly enchances the musician's performance. Players have a variety of needs and instruments vary: one bow does not fit all. Since Morgan maintains a range of high quality pernambuco, he is able to create bows of varying weight, balance and suppleness to accommodate the differing demands of today's top musicians.

source: personal website


makes bows for vln, vla, vlc, cb
restores bows for vln, vla, vlc, cb

address 1035 South Josephine Avenue - 99170 - Rosalia (Washington) - United States


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