Merion David Attwood

I first started instrument making when I was 15 , making a viola for myself, taught by the violin maker Rowan Armour-Brown. In 1988 I went to West Dean College where I studied the making of early bowed instruments for 4 years. The course at West Dean is run like an apprenticeship by Roger Rose and Martin Haycock, both professional makers in their own right. During this time I had lessons on the viol from Alison Crum.

On leaving college I was awarded a Setting-Up Grant by The Crafts Council of Great Britain, of which only one or two are awarded to instrument makers each year. This helped me greatly by enabling me to set up and equip my workshop much faster than would otherwise have been possible.

I now specialise in instruments of the viol and violin families and early bows. My instruments have gone to players in the UK and abroad and have been recommended by leading professionals. Instruments are made to the highest standards of craftsmanship from the finest materials. Usually instruments are based on surviving originals, but where none exist, instruments can be designed form iconographic evidence. Carved heads and purfling motifs are enthusiastically undertaken on request.

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makes instruments vln, vla, vlc
bows for vln
restores instruments vln, vla, vlc
bows for vln

address United Kingdom


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