International Beethoven Competition Vienna

nation Australia
city Vienna
period Sun 05 March 2023 - Mon 08 May 2023
closing date Mon 08 May 2023
instrument vln,vla,vlc,cb

The International Beethoven Competition Vienna is a world leading online music competition presented by The World Classical Music Forum.
The competition is held once every year.
The competition is open to musicians, music students and music lovers of any nationality and age from all over the world.
The contest is divided into musical categories such as piano, strings, wind, vocal and chamber music.
Each instrument will be judged in groups based on the age of the contestants.

The IBCV2023 is divided into first and final rounds (total of two rounds). Participants must submit video material for the first application.
The final selection of winners is based on the video material submitted in the contest by the candidates. Multiple winners will be selected for each age group.

The IBCV2023 aims to foster the development of young and professional musicians in the field of musical learning and performance.


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