Fairs & Events

Sinfonima Cuvée Darling
7-8 April 2017

Topclass national and international bow- and violinmakers presented their masterworks at Gutleutsaal in Frankfurt this time. Some instruments and bows were especially build for this extra-class exhibition. Musicians were allowed to try and examinate everything and even buy a bow or violin if they fell in love with it.
An outstanding publication by Darling Publications / Cologne, rounded off the exhibition and serves as a reference guide for instrumenmakers and -dealers.‎
Furthermore the following events took place:
- Special exhibition of "Historical bows from the 18. und 19. Centruy" and "Historical bows from Berlin" curated by Josef P. Gabriel, Mathias Wohlleber and Michael Franke
- Presentation of 4 bows of the SINFONIMA-Foundation
- SINFONIMA auction of repaired valuable bows


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