Katharina Abbühl

1968, Bern, Switzerland

Katharina Abbühl (1968 - Bern, Switzerland) is the founder of Cremona Violins, a famed violinmaking workshop in the center of Cremona.
She graduated from the International Violinmaking School Antonio Stradivari Cremona in 1991.
To deepen her knowledge of violin restoration, she moved to Zürich, where she worked at Jecklin Musikhaus under Manfred Pelka.
She then returned to Cremona to research the secrets of “The Italian Sound” under the guidance of late Alexandre Krylov (Alessandro Crillovi), who was a highly respected master of the old Cremonese way of violinmaking.
Katharina Abbühl attended master classes of specialists such as Hans Nebel and constantly keeps researching and devdoping her craft.
Abbühl is a member of the Sailing Club Cremona

source: personal website


makes instruments vln, vla
restores instruments vln, vla
bows for vln

address Piazza della Pace 17 - 26100 - Cremona (CR) - Italy


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