Colin Adamson

, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Colin Charles Adamson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and studied at the Newark School of Violin Making and graduated with Merit. He then went to work in Helsinki, Finland for the "Ilka Vainio" Company and also Weimar Germany with "Lochmann and Zakowsky" where he worked as a fine restorer/repairer. During his time abroad he worked on and handled many Italian and French instruments which has helped him develop into one of Scotland's best violin makers. 

Colin's work is influenced by the classical period of violin making and uses this experience to make copies and new instruments of this distinctive 17th century Italian Period. Many of his instruments can be found in the hands of professional players and students from around the world. 

Colin Charles Adamson has his own workshop in Edinburgh and his time is divided between making and restoring. He is a member of the British Violin Making Association and recently, has become a founding member of Violin Makers, Scotland.

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makes instruments vln, vla, vlc
restores instruments vln, vla, vlc

address 1 Cedar court Wood of Doune - FK16 6JQ - Doune (Near Stirling) (Scotland) - United Kingdom


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